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Olivia returned to my photography world 8 months after the Chinese New Year series, this time, dressed up as an English college chic tribute to the US drama "Gossip Girls". As for me, I returned to my digital photography world, using the Canon 35mm f/2 and 400D, leaving my film gears and Canon 50mm f/1.8 behind for a moment.

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I want to feature some other people in the shoot as well, it's boring to always have only Olivia, isn't it? Ailin came with her killer fashion sense, and make this photo shoot much more interesting.

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This white library is great, especially for portraits I believe. Why? The white paints on the wall act as reflector, to soften the shadow and since most of the backgrounds are white, it let the picture put more focus on your subject more!

Perhaps it's the age, I grow tired to play around with tones, and reckon the original tone is the best in this series. Especially after getting new monitor, I realize my previous edits are too warm, which kinda already let people brand it as my style...

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