Warm Welcome from Glasgow

Beginning of my UK journey, to Glasgow! So many first-times in this place!

Meeting place was in front of kissing couple statue of Buchanan Bus Station, and here they came, Ariel, She Weay and a new friend RJ.

Funny it may seems, but the first night we were challenged to gurp down whisky beer mixture, which the effect was almost instant. Well don't mention about it. Thanks to the Glasgow folks I had the first drunken night of my life.

Luckily friends in Glasgow were there to keep me from the boring city... Seriously there is not much to see in Glasgow. There we walked along the river, visited BBC Scotland and had some fun shots and tried the IrvnBru that Joe told me that this soda drink outsells Coca Cola in Glasgow or Scotland.

Some interesting shots in BBC lounge.

I guess both me and bs really were very lucky that we caught an almost-30-minutes long firework (long until I got neck ache) show that Ariel told me that was their first ever Glasgow festival, and we had some really nice and cheap Scottish meal in a nice Scottish restaurant.

My Cottage Pies

Another first time, clubbing in Glasgow... Ha ha, I always wanted to try that in Malaysia and Singapore but here I was having it in Glasgow. Conclusion: Club is not my thing. I am a bad dancer.

RJ, new nice friends and HK and the defocused She Weay and Seng.

And Ah Seng who accommodated us.

We left Glasgow in the quiet morning to Edinburgh the next morning, leaving Seng in the bed, really thanks for accommodating us these days!


ViNcenT said…
Are us ure u don like clubbing? Don act lo...every 1 in the FB said that u are acting...hehe

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