Below Zero C in Cemetery

The temperature had finally dropped to negative Celcius.

Sun was again out bathing Stockholm with clear azure sky but the coldness was stronger than the sun rays. So frosts could be seen on the grass, road... It was already below 0 degree Celcius!

Knowing Jevon would be slow and not on time again, I went out to Norra Djurgården again for photos taking and I was very satisfied this time.

Finally Jevon was ready to go and 3 of us spent a boring 1 hour attending the mass before walking around Medgarborplatsen or Skanstull. I wanted to go to Globen but time was running out!!! Bad them both Wling and Jevon blamed me for their slowness in eating and caused Kim Ngan to wait in Skogskyrkogården station.

Have to mention about this CUTE Poodle! I took some picture with this wonderful pet and yet to get from Jevon.

Move on to Skogskyrkogården...

Thousands of candles were lit up in the cemeteries. It was All Saints' Day! The Europeans went to the cemeteries like us Chinese do when we have 'Ching Ming'. Went to many chapels of Skogskyrkogården, and I only can recall the name of Woodland Chapel. Dang dang, these are the woodland cemetery pictures:

It was freezingly cold. The little lake was frozen, my first ever frozen lake in my life! We saw the children threw the ice on the surface and the ice scattered and slid on the surface, beautiful! Of course we who had never seen this before grab the ice and took photos!

Look at this big piece of ICE!

I think we were really blessed. Weekends with sunny weather. I would not complain that the sun set at 4pm...


ViNcenT said…
Love all ur pictures!!!!

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