To See the Glencoes, Hogwart Express, Loch Ness Monster

I was yearning to go and see how Highlands is. Ariel and gang had been bragging about it in FB, now I can brag like them too!

This is the coach that took us to our one day Highlands Tour! By Timberbush. Couldn't be more impressed by the Tour guide-cum-driver that kept introducing to us the facts and life of Highlands in our 12 hours journey. 33 Pounds for tour and 12 hours journey bus, and we got a Scottish Whisky as souvenir. Not a bad deal compare to the tours that we saw in London.

So what's the first surprise?

Ok, initially I thought I have missed the infamous viaduct, and kept blaming myself for not attentive enough, but turned out actually I had taken a picture without knowing!

Occasionally we will have a photo break and we were allowed to get down and take pictures. Just at those correct timing, the magical light shone on us. We were so lucky and I really love the light that penetrated through the cloudy day of Highlands.

We were to leave again after the short 5 to 10 minutes photo break, and then we come to...

The Weeping Glen... Weeping because the Timberbush guide did not stop to let us shoot this majestic valley...

Then we passed by Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in UK. Couldn't get good picture because of lighting.

Finally after stopping by a few tourist traps but we had no other way of escaping them, we came to Loch Ness... where the Loch Ness monster was seen to pop out its head from the cold black lake water. We were into yet another tourist trap which was the cruise...

Finally the Urquhart Castle ruin which we have to pay if we are to go in, so we just gave up.

The highland tour had kinda become a beautiful epilogue to our Scotland journey.


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