the Bishan journey

Golden Tower

Update photos:
Monastery Everyday Life in PKS Barefeet
Praying Offerings and Prayer Offerings
Into the Dark Clock Tower Sunday Class
Dragon Pillars Barefeet Sanctuary

Woke at 6.30am and I was so reluctant to leave the bed, especially in this cool weather and my bed is fluffy and warm. Travelled there with Boon Inn but we parted at the Bishan Interchange as he and Yingli were going to the other way to meet venerable.

Reached Kong Meng San Phor Kar See Monastery at around 8.30am.
It was like doing a documentary show, i met an uncle who was on the same bus with me to the Monastery. I took initiative to talk to him and he was so friendly and brought me along and introduce me the temple as well as Buddhism. And we sat down at the canteen and while having our cup of Jujube Tea. And he went on to tell me his view of Buddhism.

Definitely a good experience. The weather was perfect for Black and White as no hard light and therefore the contrast not so strong. Although it started to rain at 11am+. I tried my luck by calling Boon Inn to check whether he was going back already and luckily I caught up with them and I did not go back alone in this long journey.

Pray that I did not deviate from something I should be shooting there and need to redo. I will visit the Monastery again though, for the remaining shots.

Shocking Pink

Lotus, always depicted in Buddhism drawings. Be it impermanence, or wisdom.


Siew Hong said…
I can't help myself admiring and enjoying your life stories.

Though I'm with you almost everyday,yet I never see my name being quoted. A bit of disappointment.
Kanki said…
so sarcastic...

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