I am in a Good Mood despite the faulty bloody SE service

new haircut

In a good spirit + mood. Although the sense of guilt coming to me.

A new haircut, first in Singapore. And having it cut in IMM of Singapore, by Malaysian guys too. Felt like home for a short moment after had some not-so-patience waiting in that bloody SE service center. Refreshed.

I think because of Chin Hong's role as a catalyzer. Bought a converse canvas shoes that I have been wanting to try but never.

converse shoes

It's all because of SALES. I made another purchase yet, in G2000. Another shirt I have been wanting to buy during G2000 sales but never get to. Although I felt like buying the slacks too but I hold back. The plan to buy Joanna Wang's CD cancelled due to such massive spend in a day.

Thanks Teng Seng and Siew Hong for choosing the beanie for me. And thanks to Sin Ling who suggested Colbie Caillat's Coco, and thanks Hin Fei, Sein Chyi, Ying Herng, Ah Jiao, Lai Fai, Mingwei, Sai Leong, Chun Seang and Chin Hong. And last but not least, Wan Chia for making a birthday card to me, it's better than any other out there that can be bought outside.Not forgetting those who were not there to cut the cake and wished me over the phone. Although it's not my actual day of birthday yet. Ha ha.

I wondered what Hin Fei will do for Siew Hong, being elected as the next birthday organizing committee. Revenge on the chiffon cake?

In my tonight's playlist: Colbie Caillat + Joanna Wang. I love lazy voices.


yichin said…
Did hope that you had a wonderful celebration. I'm a fan of Colbie Caillat as well ;)
HinFei said…
Ya..my name is here!!!!

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