March 8th

Grace me with Wine
Grace me with Wine

Many people seems to like March 8th.

Women's Day, Election in Malaysia, NTU Open House.

Women's Day, don't really have any significance meaning to me. Ha ha.

Election in Malaysia. Seems like there will be a big change in the major political party in Parliament soon. Opposition parties are leading the bids, votes are still being counted, some confirmed, some still gasping their breath waiting for the results, some are being recounted.

NTU Open House, well, took part in the URECA poster exhibition. At first very nervous and felt reluctant to go, because I never prepare any presentation for it. Turned out that I get to actually met new friends there and chat happily while waiting time to pass. And our welfare was greatly taken care of, free sumptuous lunch and drink, free Sandisk thumb drive. I met new friends who are interested in photography, and going to Sweden for exchange!

Again, I have not studied for my CA. Looking forward to next week's shooting in Bishan again. There are quite a number of good shots, according to Lecturer Kheng-li that I can use for Final Project! Was so happy! Although there are all very normal shots.

I scanned some of the previous assignments into digital format. Looks not so nice as the actual print.

Morning Light
Morning Light

Cylindrical Ground
Cylindrical Ground (Play of DOF )


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