Yet, another fall of SE into the abyss

While everyone is paying great attention to the election aftermath in Malaysia, where the surprising results being announced and words like "greatest fall", is being written into pages of history, my phone, broke down yet another time, gave itself into corrupting software or possibly worse. This time, I am going to put up a banner telling everyone that I am in the 'anti-SE' party!

the Jonkers
The Jonkers

Some thoughts: How perfect someone can be? There are too many of them in this world and I know a few of them. Actually they can cause depression in others' life too, especially their close friends. At least, low self-esteem. I am not talking about myself, but someone I know. Living under the pressure, unless you are really satisfied with what you have and what you are, you will not be able to put down the thought of comparing them to yourself. What's wrong to be yourself? You will never know many people out there are enjoying your words of humour, and appreciate them.

I found my new favourite singer. Being played frequently recently. I found similar quality in Feist's voice, although they are from the different genre. Introducing the new promising Taiwanese singer, Joanna Wong or 王若琳.


婉嘉archer86 said…
i never know that ur blog has so many words, i thought it only has pictures. Haha...

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