wooden house

down the bushes we went

MK was itching to be featured in photo again. Of course, Marcus too, MK and me could see him trying to hide his excitement as he brought along so many props, lol.

Without much discussion, without much planning, but everyone did pay effort on this photo shoot. MK surveyed her house's surrounding for possible locations, Marcus the explorer, and me the driver and main photographer. This was why I enjoy photo shooting with these buddies! We can always fill the session with fun and laughter!

I was the least excited one among the 3 of us. I was... until I put on the shirt left by my eldest bro at home (which I brought along just in case I want to be inside the pictures too) ... Seems like I have certain potential too! wa ha ha.

Gap, Spec, Scarf, Belt

this is me

For Nothing

Conclusion: Everyone went back home happily with nice photos of everyone. Ha ha ha.

Trio again


Head over to see the Flickr set of this series!


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