Blowing Bubbles

Last photoshoot before I go back to Singapore to start the new phase of my life... joining the working class people. Sad... T_T

Not really excited about the shoot actually, perhaps we were really running out of idea on how to source for a good location and no nice props. MK's idea of blowing bubbles came and in the end, it became the theme of this photoshoot.

We just simply chose a spot in our beautiful Seremban lake garden. There definitely are nicer locations than the one we chose but we were too lazy to move around after I parked the car in a nearby parking lot.


sunny boy

Just a simple toy that I believe every child of my age would have enjoyed when we were small, to create such fantasy in our young adulthood. Amazing, isn't it? The bubbles...

Bubbles bubbles

We forgot to have a group photo before concluding the photoshoot, ouch! Everyone was not in the mood, I guess.

All photos were shot using my newly acquired Canon's 35mm f/2 lens. A gift from my dad for my graduation!

The Bubblelicious flickr set.


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