Film: Kodak Profoto100 Roll 3

a scottish sheep, bokehlicious!

Still objects around my lovely home. I am now back to Singapore, preparing to go into the new phase of my life.

I am not someone who can express emotions openly. But I'm going to write it here...
Dad mum, thanks so much for what you have done for me. Sorry for always raising voice and talked so impatiently...

OK OK, enough of the sentimental thingy!

So, what so great about Film? The mood of film is just something that cannot be reproduced by digital pictures, the grains of film appear to be more natural, and the cost of Full Frame camera for a digital one is so *$#&%$# expensive!! For me, I dun see the need to edit the colour photos scanned by the lab as the tone just seems perfectly fine and natural!

Almost all photos here were shot wide open. I want 'Bokehlicious' shots!


a bottle of colours

Miao Miao

spinning pinks

P/S: Flickr has changed their photo layout to a new one. Need some time to get used to it, but it's a great change as many functions can be accessed directly from the main page!


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