no more photography until the end of exam

Untitled Photo Prints

Many things have been distracting.

The endless stomachache after the Thai buffet.
The worries of cheap air tickets that might be sold out after my exam finish.
The guilt of not applying for OSP loan.
The craving for a new lens.
The anticipation of going so far for the first time.

No more photography, until end of exam.
I shall snap like crazy after that then.
Make my way towards Stock Photography.
Study the way of making $$$ out of it.

Now, let's just concentrate on exam, and study hard first.


P@ndaLin said…
After finish yr exam, then we can go shooting..i also wanna finish my assignments and exam, then can do more shooting...learn photography from u :D
Kanki said…
you are too humble already...
can't wait to go shooting too!!!

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