25 hours in a day and cemeteries

The end of daylight saving, the end of summer.
The day is getting darker so early and the adjusting of the clock made it worse. It used to get dark at 5am 1 day before daylight saving and the sun set at 4pm now... Temperature dropping so fast as if tomorrow it'll snow.

Now the time here is 7 hours behind Singapore and Malaysia.

On 25, finally I had finished all the exams... Jevon is crazy about the idea of going to cemeteries. We went to the infamous Nordic woodland cemetery, Skogskyrkogården in the afternoon. We could see how this place became the model for other cemetery. This place is so huge... more coverage in his blog here.

The cemetery marathon continued:

Norra Begravningsplatsen
The Northern Cemetery of Stockholm.


Drizzling, and darkness fall upon the land so early after the daylight saving ends, and the autumn is nearing the end, winter shall come.

The pathways were wet, and fallen leaves decorate them. The scenes were so melancholic and sometimes I felt like just to sit down on those chairs in front of the tomb stones and meditate. I knew those chairs were meant for the families to let their thoughts filled with the memory spent with their most-beloveds.

Pictures could not tell or express the poetic walk on this holy ground where the people from the past who had contributed, who had gone through their wonderful life in the past decades.

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ViNcenT said…
What??? Don tell me that all ur exams are over...and what u are doing now is TRAVEL till january??? OMG!!!!!!!
yichin said…
So melancholic. Make me feel so emo.
Kanki said…
vincent: shit you, where got end so early!? just the end of period 2!

yichin: u so easily moved as always... =.= , but that really flatter me ha ha ha.

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