Every Autumn Leaf is a Flower

every autumn leaf is a flower

The more I explore Lappis, the more surprises I found in the woods of Lappis. Especially it's Autumn! Autumn! Oh, the most beautiful season, where every leaf is a flower! The transient change from green to red, and from red to yellow, and finally fall gracefully to the ground to welcome the winter.

Good weather in autumn, good scenery photos. Can I make postcards out of these pictures and give friends as souvenir? I want to save $$$...

Lappis photos again, can't stop... Djurgården's later:

I should blog more about my life here! No? Mehhhh...

Let's have the landscape photos now, the killer reflection!

And carefree autumn day!

OMG... back from this morning's jog, and Stora Skugen which is near Lappis has so much more to offer. It's so so beautiful!


ViNcenT said…
YOu are just so..... =.=""
I wan souvenir (buy 1) plus postcard...hehe...

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