About exams in Sweden

The semester here is divided into 2 periods and some subjects span 2 periods while some of them are to be completed in 1 period. Imagine the subjects we struggle in Singapore/Malaysia Universities for at least 3 months but here? Project, assignments, examinations, in just less than 1.5 month!

Exchange students from Singapore are actually tougher than the masters. Ha ha. We are overloading ourselves as compare to the master students! Imagine they one period just focus on one or 2 but we have more!

Well, about the exams. I'm sitting for my 'take-home' exam while writing this entry. Fun!

Yesterday's paper was cool too. 5 hours for 5 questions. You have more than enough to complete the questions. Not given any stress to complete questions in a certain time limit is certainly good.

In NTU, we struggle not to get a grade below B+, here I struggle to pass only. No bell-curve distribution, only the threshold of passing, which for me most of my courses are 50%. Hmm... BS showed me this morning that his Digital Signal Processing has had failure rate of 80%, luckily I am not going to take that subject. Good luck to you.

Almost complete arc of a rainbow. And there were actually 2 of them but one was not so obvious. The autumn is ending soon and the cold of winter will invade. Despite I have not seen snow before I want autumn to last longerrrr.

BTW, I saw Fatty Vincent's blog about his lone-buffet-makan journey in Singapore, damn rich this si fat kia. Now I know the Jurong Point changes and got the Kuishinbo that I love but too pricey to go!


ViNcenT said…
Eh...why keep saying that I am FAT???? Wah, so SUANG hor...take home paper... See la, as what i said, NO STRESS over there... some more always say not easy not easy... =.='''

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