Feel the bliss of autumn...

As the days are getting shorter, the light diminishes so quick that we should treasure the beautiful sunlight.

Checked the air ticket to Iceland, for the glacier and northern lights. It is impossible to see the land of Björk now.

Finals coming soon. But I am still facebook-ing and addicted to editing the photos from Autumn.


marcusfootk said…
do not know whether it is a goat or horse but it really nice. U edit before??
ViNcenT said…
Take more nice pics lo...miss ya
Kanki said…
it's neither a goat nor horse... =.=|||
it's a cow grazing the grass. u can actually click into it to see bigger one.

vincent dun be so gay!
Patrick said…
Wonderful pictures you got there! Lovely colours and beautiful concepts. :)
Kanki said…
patrick: thanks!
ViNcenT said…
you should be feeling lucky that some 1 is willing to miss u
Vincent said…
hello kwan hui,
got to know your blog from your little sister :D

i love this series of photos especially the first one (cup at the window). Somehow some of your photos do give this unique colour tone which i really like alot. Same goes for the header.

Keep up the good work. Anyway, mind exchanging links?

Chee Wei

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