Evenings of Stockholm

The light in Stockholm, or i believe everywhere in Nordic lands, are directional. I have not seen any position of the sun right above my head like what I have seen in our hometowns in equatorial region. This is the light that makes everything around you appear interesting!

I went out, consecutively for 3 days, seeing the beautiful weather offered by the sky of Stockholm. From streets of Östermalmstorg, to bird eye view of Gamla Stan near Slussen Tunnelbana.

Too many and I think it's hard to digest. But I want to do some street shots!

The colour of the horizon when the sun was setting, totally left me in awe of the wonders Mother Nature are capable of. Different layers of colours which I thought only appear in post process were right in front of me.

Let's see, the different colours of the sky with Stockholm City Hall silhouetted.

Day is getting shorter by 5 minutes from now. In a month's time, the sky will turn dark so early that I think many people will be depressed by it. Especially the coldness here. I think I will get even more hyped up about leaving behind everything and just go out to take photos whenever I see the opportunity.


ViNcenT said…
I am so so so so so jealous!!!
marcusfootk said…
really impress by those photos.....

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