Lost my Heart in Heidelberg

Flash back to the fairy-tale like journey down south to Germany's Heidelberg. Update after almost half a month...

This time, after some intensive planning, we decided to shortlist a few places of the Baden-Württemberg state. So we don't like big cities, and our time is very short, we didn't choose Stuttgart or Frankfurt. Thanks to high recommendation from Joelle and Ailin, Heidelberg became my first ever travel destination in Germany.

Group of 6 people, with passports from 4 different countries, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore! Thought of taking a pics with that but forgot in the end.

I think we selected the best days for this travel. Weather so so nice. The cooling one that we wished to have all year. And it's AUTUMN!

A short gateway into the town of Heidelberg. A university town that houses Heidelberg University that is ranked world's top 50 (can't remember). Again it's beside the Neckar river, and there is an old bridge, and a castle. Not much excitement for the castle but this one is quite special.

Nothing much could be done on our first day, except to stroll along the River Neckar to enjoy the sunset and the old town, with our backpacks... =.=

The second day had us had a very full breakfast and we left the god-damn expensive and FARRR Youth Hostel and walk towards Heidelberg castle and old town. Luckily along the way the scenery was satisfying, which is a very European riverside.

There were some festival in the town. Despite not being able to go to Munich for the Oktoberfest, we were not regret for not going there, since all of us are not very into alcohol.

Heidelberg's castle ruin. Unique. Birdeye view from top to the town of Heidelberg, simply, splendid! Thanks to the hometown comrades that we met there who had just finished their study and now touring Europe before going back Malaysia, they told us where to get this view from!

Finally before leaving to Strasbourg, we had a very FULL lunch in a German restaurant. We did not care and just spent 14 EUR each person to savour THIS:

It reads Halbe Haxe from the menu. Pork Knuckles with pickled white cabbage. I cannot forget the wonderful Pork Knuckles we had back in Cesky Krumlov, I guess they are different (of course!) and i prefer the Cesky Krumlov's one. Crispier pork skin. oooooh.

The Bavarian sausage, hard to cut elastic skin. Oh and the Pretzel!

Approximately 4pm we left Heidelberg using the super efficient Die Bahn German train. Impressive, punctual, clean. Nice people in the train too. I gave my seat to an old lady and their friends all very happy with us and keep speaking to us in German. Well I could only nod my head and smile. Later a German old nice couple spent chatted with both Tim and me before reaching Karlsruhe and we parted to continue on to FRANCE!


marcusfootk said…
its really like what my lecturer said, european are very environment concern...
everything look so 'clean and nice'...its really looklike some sort of paint which we ll never able to see in our true life....
ViNcenT said…
Hmm...u said that i am rich when u saw my food's pic in my blog, so now is my turn... KWAN HUI IS RICH BOY!!!!

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