Oriental Garden Lizard

Are them the new exotic pets, the new addition to my family?
No, they are just the common Oriental Garden Lizard. They really live up to their name as Garden Lizard, I guess they inhabit some corners of my house's backyard or my neighbours'.

If Bobby knows about their presence, another endless barking and crying will be thrown to us. Bobby always like to chase after those house geckos. Those small creatures can already make him so agitated, imagine these two 15cm lizards?

"The Oriental Garden Lizard (Calotes versicolor) is an agamid lizard found widely distributed in Asia. It has also been introduced in many parts other parts of the world. It is an insectivore and the male gets a bright red throat in the breeding season leading to a common incorrect name of Bloodsucker."
- Quoted from Wikipedia.org

Recall about my encouter with them, I was holding my camera standing outside in the backyard trying to find some nice angle for my dad's Passion Fruit vines. Out of sudden I noticed this lizard was crawling out of the vines to greet me. I thought this was a very good chance so I point my dSLR's big eye towards it(even took my mum's metal mould for baking to reflect some light onto its face) and snapped a new photo of it. Another surprise next to my left ear, and this guy loomed up in pride and opened its mouth, to threaten me? Of course, I shot them both happily before they ran away into the bush.

Haha, this little cute guy sparked my interest in lizards! I thought it is an iguana, perhaps a smaller one but it is not. Iguana is so cool and cute!


reddishTea said…
woah, very niceee... very detail.

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