Sunday, April 5, 2009

當我決定擁抱自己, 世界就開始擁抱我

*Photos credit to nailbell.

深深體會, 樂極生悲的感受...

Yesterday's concert was really awesome, we enjoyed it so much so much. We didn't notice that Seng's camera was no longer in SL's bag after the concert.

Counted the songs that she sang yesterday, omg, 33 songs! 11 of them were from the ENCOREs.

Opening with beautiful background, as if an angel rising toward the Sun... The visuals of the screen behind sync so perfectly with the mood and sound of hers.

Perhaps it is difficult to imagine how her concert could be so high, but I experienced it, yes... every fan just stand up and sing along!

Most memorable moments being her coming down from the stage, singing 1234567, and the fans knew it was time for shutter! Soon, the flashes and screaming, and also when she sang Guitarist with all of us together.

Messages about 太陽 being displayed on the background. 父母是我心中的太陽, 綺貞是大太陽, 太陽就是希望與愛.

During the encore, when she wore her classic helmet when she sang her 旅行的意義.

This time, I got no photos taken by myself...

A video recorded by some other fan from YouTube. It still feels so good to watch these videos. Just will not get tired of recalling the scenes back yesterday night.

I am proud of myself that I am one of the long time fan of hers, despite this is the first live concert and 2 weeks ago was my first time seeing her in real life. Despite I had headache and I vomitted 4 times on my way to the stadium, despite partly responsible for the lost of my friend's camera.

I was quite surprised that I appeared in a few of the videos of interview, but they wrote wrongly, the birthday was not last year's present!!! It was already 8 years ago!!! Read here.
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