Monday, April 13, 2009

奶油明蝦 Buttermilk Prawn

A recipe from my mum. A Chinese delicacy that so many of us love, but hate at the same time because of the price if you order it outside.

Whenever before I leave home to catch a bus bound to Singapore, mum will just cook the best meal in the world for me. Best meal. Now that I do not really crave for delicacies of Seremban or anywhere, because mum's cooking is the best! Although I wanted to help out with the cooking but rarely I get the chance to show off, well the usual nagging and mum will ask me go out and wait instead of getting dirty in the kitchen.

What do you need? 需要的材料是?
- Fresh Prawns 新鮮的蝦
- Butter 牛油
- Milk 牛奶
- Curry Leaf 咖哩葉
- Chili Paddy 指天椒

Usually, I prefer to estimate than to put in the exact ingredient(irritated at having to get the exact amount everytime!)!

Before anything else, before the main steps...
Deep fry the prawns, with lots of lots of oil...

Let's start with the main ingredients.

1. Melt the butter with sauce pan.
2. Pour the milk into the melted butter.
3. Stir the mixture while heating until it's reduced.
一直攪拌, 直至干,油開始變得明顯
4. Throw in the curry leaves, sliced chili paddy and prawns and stir fry.

Then, that's all! 上桌!
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