Grande Île de Strasbourg

Munich was sacrificed, despite the Oktoberfest, when we chose Strasbourg.

We took the German Die Bahn from Heidelberg to Strasbourg, France! Late at night. Flash back to that night when we took the train from Germany, just like other strangers who first come to a new land without common language, anxiety. The train stopped for a short while at the suburb of Strasbourg, not Kehl. Lost, I stepped outside of the train to find some signs and soon after this the door closed after me, and separated CK, Jason, Tim, Huimin and Joker from me.

We woke up to a delightful autumn morning the next day. Cloudless blue sky, with warm autumn sunlight.

Huimin was going to embark on her adventure to Munich, so we revisited the impressive Gare de Strasbourg with its modern sky dome and old building first in our itinerary.

Jason and the exterior of Gare de Strasbourg. Jason is going to finish his final year in HK soon! All the best and looking forward to meet you guys in HK!

Gare de Strasbourg is a remarkable French architecture that combines the modern and traditional beauty.

Armed with nothing but map, we continued on to Grande Île, the Grand Island of Strasbourg. Flowers and rivers greeted us. At this time of the year, every leaf was a flower, the trees lined along the rivers blossomed with melancholy.

Strolling along the river I took in the scenes here with my camera. I never had any impression of France but Strasbourg really served as the great introduction to France. In fact, I much prefer this city over Paris.

After crossing the bridge to Grande Île, my imaginary Europe presented herself without drumrolls but my 'wows'. I used to imagine Europe would be places like this, and this definitely fitted the bill.

Medieval bridge Ponts Couverts:

As we walked further, Petite France district, dreamy European architectures.


Tim and CK. I believe Tim had had much more adventurous journey that this one.

Loom up against all the rest on the island... Cathédrale Notre Dame. Perhaps I really like Strasbourg more than Paris, and hate the overcrowded Paris's Notre Dame, The Notre Dame here was so much more gigantic and impressive. My lens' perspective could not convey how tall it was.

Holy light would shine on Him if you make a small donation. I didn't, ha ha but just nice someone did...

Then, another astronomical clock since the previous one I saw in Prague. Although I did not really know the significance of these clocks but couldn't help to admire the art work.

We saw landmarks of Strasbourg and while falling asleep inside the Batorama under the autumn sun. It was just too comfortable. I would want to lie on the grass bathing in the autumn sun. The boat trip that introduced us around Grande Île was a bit too long, hence the 3 or 4 EUR fare was really cheap.

Here comes Batorama.

Light and Shadow under a bridge.

Façade of European Parliament.

Another cathedral.

There are just too many things to write about this lovely French city. The french pastries, I would skip for now...

Just seconds ago before I clicked the shutter for this pic, a crazy guy was intimidating us while kicking a pigeon's dead body across the street.
Ignored him was what we all did.

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