Wien? Vienna?

St. Stephen's Cathedral, will definitely make you 'wow' if you see it there yourself.

We arrived in Vienna on August 15. About 1 hour from Bratislava train station to Wien Sudbannhof. Not very impressed, typical train station. Weather was gloomy. We would be here for 4 days 3 nights. Well.

Modern Train

Walking out from Sudbannhof, we still had quite a short distance to the U-bahn which is the subway system in Vienna. So we walked, and everything was still seem interesting to me, despite the gloomy sky.

Along the Tram Route

And the bicycles, and the ladies with dog, brats, and colourful flats.

Flats in Vienna
Faces of Wien

It was quite easy to find our way around U-bahn to reach Hutteldorf, where our hostel is. Smooth as silk. Thanks to the clear U-bahn system that they have in Vienna. After checking in our stuffs, and got our Vienna Card and a Schonbrunn Imperial Pass as a package, we left happily to the city center, to the Danube river, to the Stephansplatz station.

Here, came out of the station, I was... truly got so excited when I saw St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom). OMG... Gigantic beautiful structure (Came here for 3 days, haha, and 3rd day had the best light for pictures!). Too big to capture the beauty into a little lens of mine. The streets here, were flooded with tourists.

IMG_0079 IMG_0097

Luckily we spent our third day here. The weather was so beautiful and everywhere was beautiful as well! We had been to the Belvedere(a weirdo uncle who was apparently quite interested in Wling brought us there from Karlsplatz. Could not express in words, beautiful beautiful. I copied the postcard's composition here:

IMG_9957 IMG_9995

We spent the night of our first day listening to imperial classic concert with ballet and opera singing, in the building of Beethovenplatz. 18 EUR? Perhaps we could have found a cheaper one.


We had been to the Schonbrunn palace and museum. Nice palace that you can view the town of Vienna from the hill. The museum was equally nice. (we went in because it came with our hostel package).
We went to a lot other places, Beethoven's home, Museum Quartier, Cathedral beside Sigmund Freud... (oh we met a nice Korean girl in our hostel and we coincidentally met her again in the Rathaus station!)

Euro everywhere here, hence the things also seem more expensive. I love kebabs, and despite eating it everyday in Vienna, I still like it. EUR 3, EUR 3.10, EUR 2.80 kebabs, I have tasted it all, cheapest and fullest. Yet, we were lucky to have tasted the cheapest infamous Eissalon Iori's ice cream! Nowhere else is cheaper and bigger than this we bought.

Cheers to ICE Cream!

For more pictures, please go to my Picasa Web Album!

There are too many pictures to be posted here.


ViNcenT said…
Told u right? Austria is a lot nicer!!! Organize more trip to Austria le.

Haha,we were staying at huttledorf too. =) Actually there are a lot of nice building and land mark from Kalsplaz all the way to Natchmrkt.

Oh, did Vienna boys choir performed that night? Some 1 ask us to go to the concert also, but we din bother,haha...

Enjoy yourself more lo!!
Cath L. said…
damn i love your picturess!!!!

yummy!! :))
P@ndaLin said…
BEETHOVENPLATZ?!?!?!?! beethoven!? damn ...i want to go ...
Kanki said…
yea Beethoven's Square, translated literally.

go la, or u want stockholm better? got free accomodation! he he.

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