I saw fairy tale here in Cesky Krumlov


In the early morning, we left Hostel Hutteldorf of Vienna and caught our Eurolines to Brno, which was 6 hours from Vienna.

The Wind's Blowing
Glimpses of Windmill of the countryside, viewed from the Eurolines bus to Brno, which we had only stayed for less than 3 hours because we were only interested in looking for the bus to Cesky Krumlov, hence only the 'landmark' within my sight was captured here, which I think Joelle knows what is it. The hassle of travelling and taking a detour from Vienna to Cesky Krumlov, which can be summarized as below:
Vienna -> Brno -> Ceske Budejovice -> Cesky Krumlov

IMG_0141 IMG_0401

It was already evening by the time we reached Cesky Krumlov. When I saw the river and the evening rays that shine on the houses of Cesky Krumlov, my breath was almost taken away! Of course that was exaggeration. She is an old medieval town with cobble stone paths, surrounded by Vltava River, a castle, tourists, and is listed as one of the UNESCO World's Heritage site. I love the streets, the uneven cobblestones, the river, the park, the castle, and the blue skies!


How could I forget to mention Merlin Hostel? We used to enjoy coffee on the balcony beside Vltava River and the hostel staff was so wonderful and friendly(I still owe her photos -_-). Since Cesky Krumlov is such a small town, and Merlin is at the center, most of the sights were just a few steps away, unlike any other hostels!


We were loitering around Cesky Krumlov the next day. She was not that big, and less than half a day we were finished with most of the sight-seeing. Castle, park, church, town, and souvenir shops. Due to the fact that we had to pay if we were to use the public toilet, we would hold our bladder and run back to Merlin! Why pay when there was a free one?

IMG_0355 IMG_0461
IMG_0487 IMG_0414

And now the pictures from HIGH above looking down to the old town.


We had our most sumptuous dinner here in Cesky Krumlov (in fact, 2 dinners) in a Cavern-style restaurant too in our Central Europe trip. Pork Knee! Never tasted such tasty pork knee(Pecene Koleno) that everyone was eye-ing at it. Beer was cheaper than soft drink, and heard from Navan that we tasted the original Budweiser!!


We left on the third day of Cesky Krumlov, the weather became cloudy, as if begging me to stay. Ha.


Love this old little town the most, among all the cities I had been to during the trip.


Joelle said…
That is Petrov, the 'landmark' in Brno. It's kinda beautiful there, I spent hours reading there, from Winter to Summer, never fails, whole year. :D
In fact, you know, on your right, the main railway station is another landmark as well. If you can see the building, it was actually since centuries ago. Ok, to be precise, everything within your sight from Benesova Hotel Grand are landmarks, old buildings. None of them are young, even though they might look 'younger'. :p
Joelle said…
just in case you don't know though, there in Europe, sometimes you have to make trips to 'pubs' to use the washroom. or McD, or even some hotels. That's what we do especially in Portugal.. there's almost no public washroom there!
ViNcenT said…
Mm...Chesky Krumlov really nice.. I shall go there if I got a chance to go Europe again.... =)

Still love Austria the most...hehe...
Kanki said…
ele ele...
too bad i din go to Innsbruck or the Alps in Austria...

Wow, Joelle, we also always do that, ha ha. but some are locked and you'll need to dial a code only can use the toilet!
that was a new thing we learn in Budapest!
Joelle said…
They won't lock those in hotel lobby LAH. But make sure you go to those grand looking hotel and make yourself comfortable. Cos those type of hotel, they DARE NOT to offend any 'potential' customer :p

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