It's time to explore Stockholm

Painted Shadows

We had finished our first ever Europe adventure, and back from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm. Yea, it's time to explore Stockholm while She is still having beautiful day light. (I should write this entry one month ago. Well, time flies and it's already october.)

I never know weather can affect me so much, perhaps I know that I will be here for only a short time, and autumn rarely gives nice sunny weather. Once I see the chance of going out, I would run towards it.

What is there to see in Stockholm? Gamla Stan, for instance, is worth going, although it is just another European old town but what makes it unique is the fact that Stockholm is consisted of islands, should I call them archipelago?

Tourist traps everywhere, expensive souvenirs which I would only consider buying before I go back home.

We chose the correct day, which was Sunday to go to Gamla Stan. Everyone was crowded over to the royal palace and curiosity told us we have to stay and see what would happen. 12pm, and da dum~~~, the bell rang and a gang of men dressed in uniform marched out from nowhere, sounding the trumpet and playing the woodwind(no music gene, i don't know what are those) and everyone just turned their attention to their arrival. (Nothing special really...)


Funny enough, there was no 'static, statue-like' palace guardian here but the guardian will talk to you and if you ask for photograph he will even look into the lens and smile. (I saw them flirting too, lol)

One of the gate at the arch of the palace? Not sure what is it.

The town square of Gamla Stan, with Nobel Museum here. According to an excursion guided tour (from Swedish Society), you can see that church is not here, so it's under German influence. Yet to give a visit to Nobel Museum but definitely must.

After this, we walked to the seaside, took some pictures, weather was good, nice, warm?

Many many boats/ships or whatever by the seaside. Luxury of owning a boat?

It was time for lunch then, well, you know, Stockholm is so expensive, there is nothing wrong we prepared our lunch and brought it along, right? Therefore, we found a patch of grass and sat down, basking in the sun just like those campus photos we had seen in the brochures, and had our meal!


Random shoots:

IMG_2035 IMG_2067
IMG_2088 IMG_2066

Why I keep asking myself questions in this entry...?

Damn Tele2, the internet connection is down again in my room!


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