The Legendary Prague

After the Karluv Most

Been looking forward to Prague since started planning the Central Europe trip in May or June. Received different opinions of Prague. Many people like Fat Seng pour cold water to me, saying Czech is boring, go Austria la. Despite that, Prague was still the most-sought-after place among all the cities. Perhaps, we were all tired, or perhaps, Cesky Krumlov was so ideal for me that I put too high the expectation on Prague, we were disappointed with Prague.

Can just forget about Plus Prague hostel, I don't like it at all! We were there because it was cheap.

This time we did not buy the transport pass instead we bought one-way ticket like those in Bratislava, and proved to be more cost saving, given we did a lot of walking.

Some pictures from Old Town Square:
IMG_0747 IMG_0753
IMG_0762 IMG_0773

Have to agree that old town square was very beautiful. I saw the infamous astronomical clock as well, and people had wedding photoshoots right under the clock.

Next, we continued to the Vltava River (which links to Cesky Krumlov!) and the riverside view, superb! I guess I could understand why people like Prague so much, though to me, Prague was too touristic! Karluv Most, or Charles Bridge did offer us a scenic view of the Prague castle in the distance along the riverside, and also the statues which were not allowed to touch until they had cobwebs all over them.

Karluv Most:

Then climbed up to the top of the hill to see the 'nothing-special' Petrin Tower.

Food in Prague were expensive, but at least we found a nice little small cafe near the street which is full of embassies, and tasted their Goulash, and vegetable soup. The staff was so friendly too and the design of the cafe was very western-home style. Seriously recommend this cafe (Cafe Fleur) to drop by for a drink or dessert!
IMG_0970 IMG_0961

and some misc pictures:
IMG_0862 Picture 056

Went to Prague castle, hmm... impressive but we had seen too many castles, ha ha.

All in all, I didn't take as much photos in Prague as in other places.


ViNcenT said…
Ok la, Prague is not as bad as what u descrebe. Yea, maybe u put too high expectation on it le... Any way, still love Austria the most... =P

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