Toss into the air of celebration

Tossing is FUN

Just back from Effy's birthday celebration.

Found and experienced some new technique! Ha ha.
It's called CAMERA TOSS!

How to do? Just change your camera mode to Long Shutter mode, and toss it into the air, in spinning circular motion! Play it at your own risk of course... If the phone slip it from your hand, good luck.

Tossing is FUN Tossing is FUN Tossing is FUN

Thanks to some 'swine doggy friend'(she) we chose to celebrate effy's birthday in a Seremban's local pub.

Effy the birthday gal!

To tell the truth, it's a bit disappointing, first time to these kinda places, I don't find it appeal to me. Although there was not many people, and it was just very casual and relax. Singers singing folk songs, dim light, friendly boss.


We had fun. I guess.


End note: lost weight again, from 60kg to 55kg... DAMN!!! Struggling to go Port Dickson, or not to go...


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