Mount Climbing

After a night of insomnia, and seems like almost everyone didn't have a good sleep. Perhaps too excited to go on this trekking and mountain climbing trip in Kota Tinggi, Johor.

Bukit Pandi

We were trailing on the wrong way and found some Malay uncles and asked them for direction. They warned us that we might get lost if we go on our own, and advised us to get a guide. Despite Ms Kao's strong protest to venture into the forest without a guide, we continued on after asking for the actual direction from people inside the resort nearby.

Bukit Pandi

Gunung Panti in the distance.

The trail is actually easy to follow. I could see traces of human all along the path and those who had been here put up signs to direct us to the correct path whenever there was junction.

So many surprises awaiting for us inside the forest. The beautifully woven spider web, disgusting leeches, worms, insects, and interesting trails. The trails and staircase-like paths were actually crafted by the rain water washed down to the foot of the mountain.

Bukit Pandi

Bukit Pandi

Everything was so perfect until we were half an hour from the peak. The sky turned dark and rain started to pour down on us. Only realized, we forgot the PONCHO! We stayed there for 15 minutes, considering options of going down to the foot, which will mean another 1.5 hours of wet and slippery journey, or continue on to the peak. 3 other trekkers from Singapore, finally came to enlighten us. So, why not just continue to the peak since we would get wet.

After about 20 minutes of walk, the journey became harder and finally we came to a rock wall which was the hardest part. Inclined at almost 90 degrees, we step by step, climbed to the peak. Too bad, there was nothing on the peak that was rewarding us except the wind blowing onto our wet, soaked body and the mists. Helplessly stranded, and the Singaporeans advised us to start moving down to keep our body warm.
Photo taking was impossible.

The downward traveling was much easier than what I had thought. We stepped onto the stream of water, and follow the trails down, soaked and wet all the way.

I did not have any fever or cold the next day, neither did I have body aches.

This trip was just a small potato if to be compared to Mount KK.


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