Last Morning in Hall 2, Room 131

Sunrise Roundabout

Did not have a good night sleep, rushed for a report that I didn't know how to write.

Been spending a lot recently. And the feeling of guilt keep rushing to me when I thought about the coming absence of myself in NTU.

Never realized I had accumulated so many things in my room over just 1 year! Packing of things was a pain in the ass. It was even worse when we were trying to stuff everything into our car. Luckily sis never came.

The Morning

Almost the landmark of NTU. I have been promoting this thing to my friends (being proud of NTU?).

I finally chose to go for the 'yam cha' session with old friends from form 5, after beating my lazy self to bottom of my heart. Saw friends that haven't been seeing in ages, and they all commented that I am now a skeleton. Well, everyone hasn't changed much to me it seems. Some of them still having the old hair style from 2 years back, some just have their usual 'leh feh' look. I am glad that I went. Although the self-vain me almost had stopped me from going.

Writing this is like writing the train of thoughts. No structure, no order.

Thanks dad and mum, for willing to sacrifice so much for me.

Good night.


ViNcenT said…
This post super funny...sounds like you wan go to go some where forever...
Kanki said…
choi you lah.
just wrote what came to my mind only.
momo said…

yeah, you sound like you're leaving planet earth.

Nice landscape. why wanna leave earth leh?

come to MMU. It's a place with no shades. and no green. (that's the picture 3 years ago la :-p)
WayneHO大飞 said…
who knows...perhaps half a year later, you get the same room back?

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