the Gray Singapore



Grayish sky.
These few days, Singapore was shrouded by grayish clouds and haze from Indonesia. Perhaps the sky is grieving for Sichuan. Perhaps it just wants to cleanse the air from the hazy air.

Cloudy Day

Rare visit from my sis. First of my family to come here and find some fun in Singapore. However, I think she was quite disappointed with Singapore. Well, conclusion: come only when you have Vitamin $, because this is such a place where shopping seems to be the best pastime.

Not much choices?

Esplanade Singapore

Special thanks to MT who provided a bed to both my sis and her friend Ting Le. Still very afraid to accept our gratitude it seems.

The second day is the time for ZOO. Yeah. And our favourite is of course the Otters who like to show off their swimming skill. Backflip, dive, and act cute. Main activities inside the zoo is actually just watching the staffs feeding the animals.

Cute otters!

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

And also Jacob the Sea Lion! He can imitate Dolphin and Seal, splashing water to the audience too! We got no chance getting near him, he was so popular everyone there wanted to be kissed.

Singapore Zoo

The zoo trip had a premature end. They were not used to walking so much, I guess.
I just know, after the tiring two days of walk walk walk, they can finally understand how the Singaporean girls manage to be so skinny.

Esplanade Singapore


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