Penang (1): Seeking the Oriental Pearl

We love #penang ! Such a pearl previously hidden from my life!

This is the first entry that I can truly categorize as "Travel" in the year of 2012. I definitely need more of these to enrich my soul. I can't let myself succumb to the fate of most working-class adults. This is the resolution I just made today. I almost going to abandon updating travelogues, but, I had just got rid of a pain / photobook that clung on me, killing all my interest for other things and basically I procrastinated, to avoid working on something that I didn't enjoy at all. I have to embrace it again. My passion towards photography, and life.

The adventure to seek out pearl of the Orient, starts here.

A weekend retreat of March. A journey to seek relaxation of soul and rediscovery of an old place well known but not exploited in memory. And how lucky we are to have my aunt to be there in Penang to show us all the warmth of hers.

I know, she was excited. So did I. After all, this is our first trip together.

Flight waiting

Recounting the seconds that we had lived on the island, and the food that we had tried, is not really that difficult, given we had such good time on the island.





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