Penang (2): Clan Jetties of Georgetown

One of the Malaysian cities that got listed in UNESCO world heritage site. Indeed, it is impressive and full of beautiful colonial style buildings hybrid with local cultures.

We started off at the Clan Jetties (姓氏桥) when my Aunt dropped me off after breakfast of Lor Mee. It was definitely a surprise to me that such jetties are also part of Georgetown. How culturally rich this straits city is!


The houses at the jetties still retain the wooden planks which tell all the stories of "the good old fishing days" only to be better now. I wonder how it feels to stay inside these houses, that suddenly become tourist spot, which means visitors from everywhere in the world. I bet they must pride themselves as the residents of Georgetown.


姓李桥的 ah boy

The folks at the clan jetties were so friendly, that it really changed my perception towards the straits city. Some nodded their head towards us, even when we 'intruded' their beloved jetties. An aunty of Lee Jetty with her celebrity grandson chatted with us cheerfully about the progress the jetties had undergone since they appeared numerous times in successful local movies.

姓周桥的 Uncle 和孙

And then, we came to the most popular Chew Jetty, with all the beautiful tourist-friendly artwork lying along the pathway, and of course the jetty that was most populated with tourists. Despite this, the residents there were still friendly towards visitors. An indian aunty recounted she became one of the residents there, and the fire that burnt one house to ashes. An uncle talked to us about the delicacies nearby, with his toddler in his arms.

Even a dog resident of the clan jetties, was friendly towards us. Everyone has a smile here.



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