Run350: 2012

Waking up early to catch the shuttle bus. A training run for me to catch up with the half marathon in Sundown next month!


Run350, a run for a cause. Though I feel like there actually no one cares about saving the Earth while running.

Not exactly crowded, can't comment that it is well organized but at least they cater shuttle bus from everywhere to the center. The route is the boring route that is the same as most of the other 10km runs I did, which spans Flyer and Nicoll Highway.

Great run

Improvement on my own speed and ranking as compared to previous 10km runs! Hey it's not too bad, a one minute improvement over last year's SCB 10km run!!

Race Category10KM MENS
Nett Time47m 10s
Gun Time47m 57s
Rank49 of 1434


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