Morib Sunshine

Running boy

We went to Morib Beach and Tanjung Sepat, the last Christmas holiday. It was a journey of friendship, love and memory, simply because I went there with the best buddies and lover.

Children playing by the beach reminded me of the younger me running around the Sitiawan beach, throwing stones at the purple jellyfish so that I could penetrate a hole on their bodies and make them sink, the smell of the sea, sitting beside the grandfather on the first day of Chinese New Year sharing kopi (milk coffee) with him impatiently and the bicycle adventure around the rubber estate. Playing with cousin brothers, exploring the kampung with their bicycles are some of the fondest childhood memory that is in my possession.

Summoning Patterns from the Sands

I remember I used to draw patterns with stick like this boy did too. Those were the days.

the sunset and the dried trees

The beach where all the boys and girls hopped around happily, rejoiced over the new and beautiful shells they found. Children get happy over little things like this, what happen to us, being contaminated by the world of desires? However, seeing them play around the beach did bring a smile to my face hidden behind the camera.

Children by the Beach

The fishing villages around Malaysia are always interesting to us. Shall explore more.

Shot with:
Olympus OM1n + Zuiko 28mm f/2.8
Fujifilm Superia


glen said…
lovely images. very nostalgic too...

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