the amazing Olympus XZ1

the Olympus XZ1

The Olympus XZ-1. Armed with the big f/1.8 aperture, beautiful award-winning camera design, and large sensor. Not many compact cameras can be as good as them. Even in the film era, the Fujifilm Natura Black, is up to f/1.9, and this model is still costing a big bang in the second hand industry. In the digital era, we have the new Moonlight Camera, which is the Olympus XZ-1!

My girl bought this camera, after comparisons with the other high end compacts such as Canon S95 and Lumix LX5. Well, I like the size of Canon S95, and the reputation of LX5. However, we could not resist the beauty of Olympus XZ-1, albeit the concern about image processing quality. Yes, the specs are the best in Olympus XZ-1, but image processing technology may not be as good as the others. The 100% zoom is a bit disappointing at higher ISO... but well... We considered about Olympus PEN series and Lumix GF series but the size, and the price of the lens. Given the budget, this is the best one we couuld think of.

Eventually, we bought this piece of gem, the white XZ-1!

She will learn how

The shy girl will soon learn how to pose more naturally after gaining more and more confidence. Jia You! Of course, she will also learn how to get the best out of the XZ-1.

walking along the red corridor

Getting lazier with DSLR and film. Perhaps in future I will get a high end compact like this too.


Anonymous said…
Hi...was looking thru uo blog. Like your photos very much. You must be a photo kaki ^^

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