2XU Compression Run: 2011

Run Run Run!

I gave my virgin run to the 12km 2XU Compression Run 2011!
(If I exclude my previous participation in the Seremban Half Marathon... which I walked just half of the journey... But still, the virgin run in Singapore!)

This time, I came as a newcomer to the running scene of Singapore. Fresh and new to the world just like a newborn, I was not sure what to prepare or what to do before the run, but i had the confidence that I could finish the run without pausing to catch my breath or slow walk. 12km may not mean much for seasoned runners, but I had never tried running such a length before. This event would prove whether I am able to make it. Some people may think that why torture yourself on a Sunday morning, waking up at 5am to take a cab to the town only to run that 12km, which will cause pain to your body. Well, everyone has their own reason of doing something. I joined in with the other few thousands who were sharing the same passion as me!

I did it, without stopping to rest at all, and maintained the pace of about 5km/min throughout the run! And I was faster than these guys who look much fitter than me, lol.

finally finished

My time according to Runkeeper: 1:00:43 for 12.24km. Let's wait for an update from the official organizer. Hopefully they read my timing chip correctly.

Update from official website:
BIB Number: 5097
Kwan Hui SU
Gun Start Time: 06:56:33 (AM)
Chip Finish: 01:00:02
Gun Finish: 01:02:01

Rank: 451 / 5512

Top 10% !!!

The medal just smells so good after the conquering the run, beating my expectation! To me, this is one major transform in my life. You can officially call me a RUNNER!

fresh medal!

Of course, not forgetting my helper... Denny! Just kidding, without him I think I would not have the motivation to sign up and run already!! He was keep complaining I should have told him earlier that we want to pose for a photo before we get changed!

denny and me

Finally before wrapping up the whole event, of course a photo of everything! The medal, the bib, and the disposable timing chip.

the medal, bib, timing chip

”Do everything with passion. Run with passion.“
Some people like to whine about their life, and they always think that those who are smiling happily are the lucky ones, this world is unfair. Yes, this world is unfair, some people are born rich, some poor, some without a functioning limb, so what? Perhaps I haven't gone through much hardship in my life so I can talk about these happily but at least now I know that Life goes on! Life is short so live it happily everyday as best as we can!

Next run: Sundown Half Marathon. Progressively increasing the distance.


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