Hong Kong: Walking on the past, 元朗 (1)

A day after arriving from Macau, by Ferry. Been staying so comfortably in Jason's house and today we plan to walk around Yuen Long (元朗) since it's so near to Jason's house which is in 八鄉路 (Nearest MRT would be 錦上路).

Ping Shan Heritage Trail (屏山文物徑).
We started it after some walking around Yuen Long. Just in a few hours, I have tried Hong Kong's various rail systems, West Rail (西鐵), Light Rail (輕快鐵). Interesting, HK really has one of the world's most advanced transport system.

Back to the heritage trail, it's Jason's first time to explore the trail as well. This was when I felt the warmness of HK residents as opposed to what others who had commented that HK people are rude and rough. An uncle just invited us in to view the walled-village that is supposedly off limits to the tourists.

This is the head of the dragon boat that they placed in a small chapel of the walled-village. The uncle seemed to be proud of this artifact and asked me to take picture of it, so ok la, out of respect, must give face.

And, under the hot summer sky, we continued to walk following the trail, taking into memory every possible details that I can remember.


Even funny notices.

We joined the others, Thony, To, Tim at 沙田圍 for dinner after the walk and a free movie with Jason, oh yeah 大排檔!

Introducing the dishes of the night... 雞粥 章魚 白菜 肥豬肉... I heard the CUHK trios said that the CUHK students like to come to this place for meal. Wow and the chicken porridge, not bad.
The modern 大排檔 is something similar to our food court, so not really a surprise already.

P/S: Congrats Jason for you know what.!


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