Film Experience in Seremban Photoshop

(Me, posing with Nikon F3HP, shot by Olympus OM2n on Kodak GOLD 200 and processed in T1 Fujifilm Seremban.)

A note serves as a reminder and experience to share the cost and quality of film processing and scanning.

1. Fujifilm Seremban - Terminal 1 Ground floor.

Should be easy to identify. A shop bearing a big FUJIFILM logo.

Price: Super CHEAP! RM 8 for a roll, and RM 3 for subsequent roll for processing and scanning. (Nowhere is cheaper than them already!)

Comment: Quality is in proportion with price. Water stain on the film... Bad! If you are lucky maybe you won't get any water stain? Bet with your film?

A sample photo with tones I like:

Film: Kodak Gold 200

2. New Century (新世纪) - Seremban Town Center, beside The Store

Recommended by Dato Hon, after I consulted his son's photography kaki Ivy which always chat with me.

Price: First time RM13 inclusive of processing + scanning. 2nd time let him do 4 rolls the boss quoted me higher price instead... really =.=|||

Quality: Satisfying quality.

Sample photo with tone I like too:

Film: Fujifilm Superia 400

3. International (国际) - Seremban Town Center, Opposite famous 德利 bookstore

A popular shop among the Seremban people. Quite well known as it has existed since my mother's generation?

Price: Can't remember, and quite pricey as the boss does not allow scanning and only allow photos to be printed... really =.=|||

Print: Reasonably good, from the print quality.

Sample soon after I brought the film to scan.


Anonymous said…
where can i get 120mm film at seremban??
kanki said…
i think the availability of 120mm film in Seremban is... scarce...
Well unless someone has already started Lomo shops or reignited the love for Analog Photography in Seremban!

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