Film Experience in Seremban Photoshop

(Me, posing with Nikon F3HP, shot by Olympus OM2n on Kodak GOLD 200 and processed in T1 Fujifilm Seremban.)

A note serves as a reminder and experience to share the cost and quality of film processing and scanning.

1. Fujifilm Seremban - Terminal 1 Ground floor.

Should be easy to identify. A shop bearing a big FUJIFILM logo.

Price: Super CHEAP! RM 8 for a roll, and RM 3 for subsequent roll for processing and scanning. (Nowhere is cheaper than them already!)

Comment: Quality is in proportion with price. Water stain on the film... Bad! If you are lucky maybe you won't get any water stain? Bet with your film?

A sample photo with tones I like:

Film: Kodak Gold 200

2. New Century (新世纪) - Seremban Town Center, beside The Store

Recommended by Dato Hon, after I consulted his son's photography kaki Ivy which always chat with me.

Price: First time RM13 inclusive of processing + scanning. 2nd time let him do 4 rolls the boss quoted me higher price instead... really =.=|||

Quality: Satisfying quality.

Sample photo with tone I like too:

Film: Fujifilm Superia 400

3. International (国际) - Seremban Town Center, Opposite famous 德利 bookstore

A popular shop among the Seremban people. Quite well known as it has existed since my mother's generation?

Price: Can't remember, and quite pricey as the boss does not allow scanning and only allow photos to be printed... really =.=|||

Print: Reasonably good, from the print quality.

Sample soon after I brought the film to scan.


Anonymous said…
where can i get 120mm film at seremban??
Kanki said…
i think the availability of 120mm film in Seremban is... scarce...
Well unless someone has already started Lomo shops or reignited the love for Analog Photography in Seremban!
Leannie.g said…
hi, can i know if new century is still around? and where is it excatly? thank youu

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