Life is full of Unpredictables

You maybe laughing happily and celebrate over your success now, and die in the next second.

Bus Crash No More

Tragedy can occur any second. The life of a bright student and scholar was crushed to nothingness, reduced to nothing more than ashes, etching scars in her loved ones' memories.

Now, I understand the concerns of my parents and their friends, asking me to take train instead of bus. I never really worried about the risk of reckless drivers, I just wanted to reach my destination as fast as possible. My ignorant of the high rate of bus accidents in Malaysia.

Have you signed the petition?


Please come for Nian Ning's memorial. see blog for more details! Please help to publicize it too. We want to get the media's attention
Kanki said…
I am so sorry that I am now in Singapore and will not be able to go to the memorial.

May Nian Ning's soul rest in peace.

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