Home for a few days

Bobby in Mono

Bobby, still as usual. Naughty, and did not stay still to let me photograph him. The ticks, the pest are crawling and sucking his blood. Hope poison works on those things. Dad was performing the "ritual" of ticks-cleansing on him. I could tell that Bobby enjoyed it!

dad and bobby

This time, no hanging out with friends, only met up with MK for a short while.
Instead, I spent more time on accompanying my parents. Went to my mum's friend's open house, met with so many aunties and uncles. Besides, had a breakfast as a listener with my mum's friends too.
I am glad that despite all of us are now grown-ups and are not at home to accompany mum and dad, especially mum, who is just an unemployed housewife, mum is able to kill her time with her friends gossiping, making cakes, desserts, cookings. I can tell that her friends are all sincere and honest people that can entertain my mum.

All these while I think I am almost cold and emotionless. I noticed that I have developed the compassion towards others, the sincere happiness that I wished others to have. Great change!

Some pictures from Melaka short trip. My sis said I don't know how to take picture. (T_T)

Chendol Ice

Talk about being evil. This Chendol Ice picture that I am using as display picture managed to draw the saliva and craving of friends who have to stay in Singapore for this recess week.


My evil sister that trampled me. Ha ha.


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