Chester and the Smile

Chester and the Smile
Chester Su
Chester Su Chester and me Chester Su and Daniel Su

This Chinese New Year we got to visit our beloved Bobby's eldest son Chester again! He is the same as last year, golden hair, playful as ever, and still plays ball-chasing game! My uncle and his wife's most treasured pet I believe. They let him put on perfume, groomed for the CNY celebration.

And he got a new shirt for this Chinese New Year!

Chester with clothes

Of course, Daniel couldn't stop the temptation to take pictures with this cute little dog and I actually was enjoying the photography process too although Chester kept jerking up and down and also ran here and there.

Somewhere in Seremban, my house, Bobby was crying out loud for us who were 250KM away.


Cath L. said…
what a lovely dog! :)))

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