First Taste of Nepal

Dhampur Village

Our most favourite mountain lodge of the trek in Dharmpus village, where we spent our last day of 5 nights trek, relaxing here with a view of Annapurna.

I ventured into the trails of Nepal, cutting ourselves off from the world outside, and I am still loving it and missing it now, although I did the tourist track of Poon Hill. The trails that we passed by were so surreal and peaceful even though they are heavily trekked.

Talk about the touristy Poon Hill. The view from Poon Hill towards the Annarpurna mountain range:

The Annapurna

There was even a night without any electricity and light in Landruk. We stayed inside the homestay's dining lounge, with candles and other foreigner friends. We did not complain, even appreciated a night like this.

Annapurna South

We thought that Pokhara is already amazing, with all the good food before we started the trek. We came during the Deepavali festival week, and our first day in Pokhara was the day of Human. Dogs were decorated, some with a red dot on their forehead, the local Nepali danced everywhere inside the town, with Hindi music blaring in the background as they danced. The whole town had become so alive!

The iconic Lake Phewa of Pokhara, did not disappoint us at all when we toured around the lake with bicycles.

Lake Phewa, boating

Lake Phewa, herding

I will definitely do more write-ups on this Nepal trip, and there will be a second time visiting Nepal for sure!


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