Our little Gardening works

A soft, well lit corner. Plants, reading are our hobbies.

Recently, we kind of very into these little gardening thing. Glad that we have this little corner where the lighting is soft during the daytime, to place all the little greeneries and take pictures of them, as well as food.

We started with kit sourced from Taobao, like the moss, stones etc from the comfort on our bed, though I wanted to have as much as DIY spirit into the project as possible. I am still not familiar with plants, and don't know what are the moss and plants growing outside our house are suitable for indoor.

I think there is a very easy trick in setting up the base layers. I hope the plants can survive:

Bottom layer: small stones for water to set in if too much water
Second layer: sphagnum moss or peat moss, wet the moss before setting in, I guess charcoal works the same.
Third layer: soil, still learning what's the different soil will do to the plants

Miniature garden

Hanging garden:
Glass container and hanger sourced from Taobao, mosses and miniature toy figures as well. The unknown pretty little hanging plants are transplanted from a bowl of artistic plants which YN found in Kuching. I hope to find out the name of the plant.

Haworthia plant and an airplant

Wind and Air:
Both Haworthia (Zebra desert plant) and airplant are sourced from Taobao as well.

Lesson learnt, air plants can be procured from Taobao but not zebra plant. The tips start to turn yellow. I hope they do survive. Will go out to the local nursery to source for more plants!

Update (2015):
The Zebra plant actually starts to grow bigger in the office, but stay about the same at home. The airplants still thriving, and there is finally a Terrarium with red nerve plant!


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