Children of Mabul

Mabul island has a lot of children. A lot of them. Also, cats. In the village, the children, and grown-ups, roam around the village like time has stopped there since many years ago. The village and its rustic charm.

Right outside our homestay, a Mabul boy swam to us with his prizes from the sea and showed me to ask if we would be interested to buy some. Although we just smiled and told him that we were not buying, he politely thanked us and swam away.

Mabul Kid

Children in the village seems to love patronising this little shop that sell snacks. Even after the sky turned dark and no more snacks available to buy, some children still loitered at this little blue shop.

Choosing treats

Shopping boy


The children are lovely, they are not really camera-shy, and in fact they are not a bit evasive as me to the camera lens at all.

Little Girl of Mabul

Lovely children

As these three girls are just outside our homestay, I got to see them one more time on the last day before we left.

Sweet local girl

Looking at the scene below, it hits the nostalgic part of me. I miss seeing babies being cradled. I guess they no longer do this nowadays in our town. Cats, people, taking afternoon nap in the hot days.

Cradling in early afternoon

Cats, everywhere on the island

It's like smiles everywhere. Sometimes when you are not exposed to too much, you retain the purity and kindness. Also, feel contented easily.


Grocery Shop Toddler

Portrait of a Mabul Family

Interesting sighting. The children are actually gathering to watch a movie together.

TV gathering

Only in Mabul.

Houses on sea

It's a big world


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