Paradise on Earth: Daocheng Yading(稻城亚丁)


Actually, this is my first travel trip to China, and it's nothing short of amazing.

My impression towards China had been negative, but was changed by the sincerity of locals I encountered, as well as like-minded Chinese backpackers. That was how I felt towards Hong Kong too before I actually went and like the city-state.

The views in Daocheng Yading are so breathtaking it literally took our breath away, as these places were not easily accessible. Most of the places require some hikings, which the difficulty is doubled or tripled thanks to the thinner layer of air and very high altitude (3000m - 5000m above sea level). The reward is of course totally worth it...

I may not be able to catch up with all these entries, but I do want to write so much and include as much details as I can into this blog.

Flickr album of the photos:
A place we call Shangri-La


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