Penang (3): Musician of Georgetown

The street of Georgetown, full of surprises. Of course, you have to walk into the city and crowds, "blend" yourself into the heat and talk to the locals. That's most probably the only way.

Familiar melodies of the oldies, resonated across Lebuh Canon (if not mistaken), and it was coming from a bicycle shop.

A senior guy that fits all the description of a typical Chinese Malaysian uncle was there, playing the 凤凰琴 (Instrument of Phoenix) which was imported from Shanghai. Probably this instrument is no longer found in China as well, which made it a relic of the past.


Talented uncle


The warmth of the South East Asia, with not tinges, but heavily influenced by colours of foreign cultures of the past, that evolved into today's Penang's uniqueness. The Penangites would proudly declare, "Yes, we are proud to be born and raised in Penang!".

The uncle, introduced himself as Choon Hu, 春虎. He is a very friendly senior guy here, despite his popularity. He even showed off his skills in playing various chinese instruments that he possessed. We were, wow! He showed us some of the tunes of Chinese Oldies, some familiar tunes but I was not too sure about the title already... He was kind enough to let us play around with his prized possession too! As Yanni seemed to be very interested in the Phoenix Piano, she was even able to play some tunes out of it, not bad!

Playing around with the Instrument

Would like to take picture together with these friendly people so of course, we requested for some photo moments! 千葉

He is friendly

Friendly uncle

If you happen to walk into him, remember to say "Hi!" and enjoy chatting with him! Yet another amazing artist and a surprise you can find in Penang.


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