Sundown 2012

Screen shot 2012-06-10 at AM 11.34.04 Screen shot 2012-06-10 at AM 11.33.09
Photos stolen from marathon-photos, the fee to buy the photos is too expensive for me!!!

The only midnight run, I supposed, in Singapore. Last year, I missed this event as I had to go to U.S. for work.

The event catered buses for people staying at different areas of Singapore, which I like. This should be the standard for all the runs now. We are already spending so much to join the race, and I think the bus option should be available to people who have no personal mean of transport to reach the race site! Good job. The bus timing could be better as well, the race started at 12.30am and there was not really buses available for every hour!

There were really a lot of runners, both half and full. Worst thing is, both these categories started at the same time and, worse, same flag off point!! This worried me a bit. As the number of participants in both half and full marathon is definitely not a small number. I was fortunate to be able to squeeze to the front line. My motivation was of course to catch the 3am shuttle bus back home!

Starting line

Phew, the run was smooth at the front end, at least the runners at the front end were really those who chose the front line because they were really in the speed category. I imagined it must had been quite crowded behind as after the U-turn people were still waiting near the front line to start running and yet I had already completed about 2km!

Was able to run at a pace of 5:10, making people in front of me as my pacers but eventually took over them as they started to slow down. The water stations were adequate, coming at 1-2km each. So never really have to worry about dehydration or missing any water station if I skip any.

Long run, is really a test of the strength of mind. The last few kilometers seemed forever... My speed started to slow down, legs started to get painful, and my mind was about to give up and told my body to just slow to a halt. However, I held back, telling myself, I had to continue running, the finishing line was just there!! Just around the corner!!

Finally, crossing the finishing line was so...... satisfying! Previous runs had never been so satisfying before!!! Especially looking at the time, it was only about 2.20am and plenty of time to catch the bus!

This run, made me realize that there are many people into running like me. Friends that I had not met for long time, and also new friend that I met at the finishing point who was much faster than me.

Meet the old running guys, Ah Bee, Ah Wah and gang!

The MSA runners

And of course the very nice angmoh gentleman Alex, who hanged out a lot with me recently!

Alex and me

Very sorry to Jane whom I was supposed to meet before starting the run! Next time we can go for a running club with so many runner friends that I have come to realize!

And... the results. Finally!

Screen shot 2012-06-10 at AM 11.17.33

Screen shot 2012-06-10 at AM 11.20.20

Comparing with Alex, whom the speed I will match in my next run:

Screen shot 2012-06-10 at AM 11.21.51

We just had an ~15km run from Bishan stadium > Mac Ritchie Reservoir > Bishan stadium. My first ever trail run, plus first ever casual run with such distance, plus first run with someone sharing the same interest! Too bad my left knee was acting up, and I had to slow Alex down a lot near the end of the run.


glen said…
wow, congratulations on the run and the great results!

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