Happy Hiking Malaysia: Gunung Angsi

G. Angsi 825M

After months (maybe not months but weeks) of planning, finally, we were starting our hikes somewhere near my home. I never know Gunung Angsi was so easily accessible from our town of Seremban. Heard of it long time ago but never really interested in going until, yeah, thanks to my bro who brought us there.

The entrance to the hiking trail, is a bit... not too obvious... In my opinion it was even the most difficult section of the hiking trail! Anyone could easily pass by the entrance to the trail if you are not paying attention because it was really a tiny little trail...

We passed by interesting forest artifacts, which given interesting names by the Angsi Trekkers. I could not remember but they were kind of hilarious. There were beautiful names as well at interesting locations such as this one:

Waterfall View

The Waterfall View. Civilizations were visible from here. I wonder how far were we from our home, and was it visible from here?

This forest reserve was relatively untouched by the development. Therefore, expect to still meet some residents of Gunung Angsi along the trail.

Little Spider

Suprise of the day... GIANT CENTIPEDE!!!

Giant Centipedes

I did not have too much expectation on the views from the summit. However, the views did amaze me. Waves of green hills in the hot morning sun.


Drenched in sweat, and legs tainted by mud. We were tired but satisfied.
Looking forward to the next hike!


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