Seremban Weekend again

I wonder why most of the time now I only did shooting back in Seremban?

Maybe, I have more friends here that I can shoot for, and there are more unexplored places. I enjoyed every little details that I think beautiful now. Well, my little cousin even asked me, why took a photo of the 'longkang', what so special about it?

1 roll of film in 3 days, well, when the feel comes I just couldn't resist to shoot more and more. Yintse and me went to this abandoned rail tracks near Rasah and wow, we found a new world.

As like before, I brought my OM2 out instead of the digital brother this time to meet Olivia, and haha it's her treat!

Posing with our photobooks! Too bad the one Olivia took for me is a shaky one due to my wrong setting and dim light condition. So I posted the one taken by my sis.

All the photos are shot in expired Kodak Profoto 100... The colours really... a bit... hmm... accidental. I hope it's the scanning problem.


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