My First Photobook: Sweden


It's my second book actually, the first being Olivia's photobook, which I think is a success from her response, and from my sister's response when she saw the book.

My Sweden exchange photobook is a 15" x 11" Large Landscape Debossed Hardcover, it's going to be a very, very big photobook! I got to buy it at RM 170 instead of RM 304, which is crazily expensive if it's RM 304, I am sure that the book is going to worth the price!!!

Thanks to so many friends who helped me out, Ivy, Ailin for giving me advices on the design, Mingwei for correcting my grammar and Kiki for giving some guidelines on the grids.

Went through some troubles in the ordering process but the service by Photobook Malaysia was good, and I believe I will be getting the book soon, only i will not be the first one to see it as I have to go back to Singapore to settle some matters first.

Click the below picture, for the slideshow view of my photobook.

I hope they will revise their price again so I can make more in future!

I got the book, exactly one week later. Fast!


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